name Anthony lives in Arizona, where he has worked in signmaking for over 10 years.

He has experience in selling, designing, crafting, and assembling custom architectural signs using all manner of shop tools and specialising in laser cutting acrylic materials. He continues to serve clients all across the United States providing signage for hospitals, schools, and office buildings among others.

He is also experienced in ecommerce and has created an online presence for Acrylic Sign World, providing customers with an internet source for handcrafted architectural signage.

Visit Acrylic Sign World for tips, advice, and information about acrylic signs for businesses of all sizes. Our website also offers the best values on handcrafted architectural signage products.

ADA Sign Height - Tips For Hanging ADA Regulatory Signage

07th April 2008
What are the proper measurements for ADA sign height? Business owners and operators need to be aware of ADA Regulatory guidelines. Purchasing and displaying ADA signage is one of the cheapest and simplest ways to achieve compliance. But in order t... Read >